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Returns and Buyback Help Narrow the Discount

abrdn Investment Trusts achieved a 5.4% NAV total return (TR) in FY23 (to end-September 2023) despite muted private equity (PE) deal activity and foreign exchange headwinds (its portfolio value was up 9.4% excluding fx). Edison Group believes that APEO’s expansion into direct investments since 2019 has shown promising results so far, with a rise in value by a strong 18.5% in FY23. APEO’s balance sheet remains solid with a coverage ratio of c 35% at end-January 2024, as net capital calls from its fund investments were offset by the partial exit of Action (at 100% of NAV). APEO recently launched a buyback programme, which was well received by the market (share price up c 10% since the announcement). Still, APEO trades at a 29% discount to NAV versus a 10-year average of 23%.

4 March 2024

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