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Continues to Outperfom its Benchmark

VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund (VOF) posted a one-year NAV TR in US dollars to end-October 2023 of 13.1%, versus 2.8% for the VN Index, as a result of the rebound from last year’s market trough. VOF’s NAV TR since end-2022 of 9.1% was driven by financials and materials investments. Given the improving outlook for real estate and several of VOF’s portfolio companies in the sector, VOF reversed US$26.8m of the US$52.9m in write-downs recognised in the December 2022 interim report. VOF continues to pay out 1% of opening NAV in dividends, with the next payment due in December at US$0.07 per share, implying an annualised dividend yield of 2.4% based on the last closing share price.

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