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Applied Graphene Materials UK Ltd.

Applied Graphene Materials UK Ltd. (AGM) is the world leader in a key graphene technology. The company, listed in the UK and US (LON: AGM / OTCQX: APGMF), appears well-positioned to take advantage of the rapidly transforming market, which is estimated to grow from c $100m in 2020 to exceed $1bn by 2032. Hailed as a wonder material after its discovery in 2004, almost two decades of hype and little delivery have left graphene languishing in what Gartner calls “the trough of disillusionment”. The depth and length of that trough has been driven by a technological challenge: the difficulty of incorporating graphene into materials so that its remarkable properties, which include its highly anti-corrosive properties, low permeability, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity, are transferred to the host material. AGM is solving that problem. Edison Group highlights seven things every investor should know about the business.

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