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Return to Organic Growth Forecast for FY24

dentsu’s FY23 net revenue was a touch above guidance at Q3, with a better-than-expected operating margin reflecting a good Q4 in Japan, further boosted by a short delay in an IT project pushed out to Q124. The results were accompanied by the news of a change in global CFO, with the role reverting to Yushin Soga, who held the role until January 2023. As anticipated, net revenue outside Japan declined, although there was some trading improvement in the US in Q4. A thorough business review is now in progress, with the next mid-term plan due early in H2. In the meantime, the balance sheet is strong, with leverage reduced to 0.6x EBITDA, and share buybacks will be resumed. Edison Group regards the rating as undemanding. 

20 February 2024

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