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Priority Companies Making Progress in 2022

IP Group plc’s NAV per share came in at 132.9p at end-2022, only 2% below the end-June 2022 level. The NAV decline during 2022 was primarily due to the £428.5m loss from listed holdings (before foreign exchange (FX), mostly Oxford Nanopore Technologies, ONT), while private holdings posted gains before FX of c £101.4m (or 5.8% of opening NAV). Excluding ONT, IP Group posted a £25.2m profit in 2022. Most notably, its four major cleantech holdings posted a valuation uplift of c £120m in FY22. IP Group now trades at a 58% discount to end-2022 NAV which, together with a strengthened balance sheet, largely up-to-date portfolio marks and several potential portfolio catalysts, provides a certain degree of downside protection. Edison Group notes that while the company’s portfolio consisted of 95 companies at end-2022, its top 20 holdings represented 76% of NAV.

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