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Optimistic on Prospects for Quality UK Companies

FINSBURY GROWTH & INCOME TRUST PLC's investment objective is to achieve capital and income growth and provide shareholders with a total return above that of the broad UK market index. It has been managed for the last 21 years by Nick Train, one of the founding partners of boutique investment firm Lindsell Train. He is disappointed by the trust’s underperformance versus its UK benchmark in 2021, which was primarily due to a significant change in market leadership from growth to value stocks. He believes that there are ‘many truly outstanding companies quoted on the London stock market that are at least as good as their global peers, if not better, and that those UK-quoted companies in many cases are meaningfully more-lowly valued than their global peers’. As a result, he is optimistic that FGT can continue to generate attractive total returns for shareholders in the coming years.

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