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Loop Energy: Equalising Hydrogen-Diesel Fuel Costs

Loop Energy Inc. (TSX: LPEN) designs and manufactures hydrogen fuel cells. Targeting early movers in the electric mid-to-heavy fleet road transport segment, the company’s patented technology has a unique combination of fuel efficiency, power density and durability.

Now, Loop Energy says, its new generation of systems are delivering cost parity between hydrogen fuel and diesel – eight years earlier than market expectations.

Or to put it another way, Loop Energy is claiming that the cost of the hydrogen fuel needed to run a hybrid electric-hydrogen vehicle, like a bus or a truck, is now – if fitted with one of its latest fuel cells – on a par with diesel. At least for European operators.

In this video, Loop Energy’s Chief Commercial Officer, George Rubin, and Chief Scientist, Sean MacKinnon, explain the diesel parity claim.

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