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Income and Outperformance in Uncertain Times

JPMORGAN GLOBAL GROWTH & INCOME PLC (JGGI) invests in long-term structural winners, although in these uncertain times, managers Helge Skibeli, CFA, Tim Woodhouse and James Cook are looking to balance the portfolio via a mix of defensive and quality stocks. The trust’s strong performance track record continues. It has outperformed its benchmark, and its peers, over the short and longer term, thanks to the managers’ stock selection skills. JGGI also continues to deliver competitive and rising dividends, funded from a mix of portfolio income and reserves. According to Edison Group, given the current UK cost of living crisis, JGGI’s dividend policy should appeal to UK investors seeking competitive, predictable and globally diversified income. Recent decisions by the boards of Scottish Investment Trust (SCIN) and JPMorgan Elect (JPE) to merge with JGGI attest to the relative attractiveness of the trust’s investment offering, while also greatly increasing assets under management (AUM) and liquidity, and reducing ongoing charges.

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