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Guiding to Mid Double-digit Profit Growth to FY24

TINEXTA S.P.A., formerly Tecnoinvestimenti SpA, is an Italy-based holding company primarily engaged in the software and Internet services industry. Through its subsidiaries it operates four segments: Digital Trust, solutions to increase trust in digital transactions; Credit Information & Management, services to manage credit; Innovation & Marketing Services, consulting services to help clients develop their businesses; and Cybersecurity. Management is guiding for a mid-double-digit CAGR for adjusted EBITDA to FY24. Ahead of the publication of full financial results, Edison Group's provisional new estimates reflect a modest increase to FY22 but a reduction in FY23. Tinexta’s share price has been weak since its peak in September 2021, and more notably since the start of FY22. At €25.3 the share price remains at a significant discount to Edison’s last published DCF-based valuation of €41/share, which will be updated on the publication of the full FY21 financial statements.

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