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Growth Pivot with Potential Antibacterial Addition

Basilea Pharmaceutica has announced an exclusive evaluation licence and option agreement with South Korea-based iNtRON Biotechnology (KOSDAQ: 048530) for tonabacase, a potential first-class antibacterial of endolysin class. The product candidate could potentially fit well into Basilea’s portfolio of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial products, Cresemba and Zevtera. This announcement follows the recent in-licensing of GR-2397 (an antifungal compound, renamed BAL2062) and aligns with management’s strategic focus to seek anti-fungal and anti-infective synergistic additions to its portfolio. As part of the agreement, Basilea will evaluate tonabacase in a range of preclinical studies which, if favourable, could lead to a licensing agreement for further clinical development, at Basilea’s exclusive discretion and at pre-agreed financial terms.

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