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Edison Insight April 2022

This month it opens with a strategy piece by Alastair George, who believes that year to date, 2022 will have disappointed bullish investors. While the day-to-day narrative has been shifting between the war in Ukraine, a cost of living ‘crisis’ and China’s COVID-19 lockdowns, these are the crashing waves obscuring the movement of the tide. Monetary policy is being rapidly normalised and as a result abnormally high valuations are being progressively reset lower. Edison Group believes this process has further to run. This month Edison has added Pan American Silver Corp., Portobello S.p.A., SenSen and HELIOS UNDERWRITING PLC, covered by ALG’s Marius Strydom, to the company profiles. 110 of Edison’s more than 400 companies under coverage are profiled in this edition. Readers wishing for more detail should visit Edison’s website, where reports are freely available for download

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