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Cultivated Meat

CFO of MeaTech 🐂🐓🐖, Guy Hefer says: ‘The cultured meat market potential is enormous, backed by global and systemic trends supporting sustainability, food safety and food security. New production technologies and products ranging from hybrid plant-based through to fully 3D printed steaks, like those being developed by MeaTech, have the potential to transform the future of food.’ . Demand for cultivated meat, part of the larger alternative meat market, is forecast to grow at a 41% CAGR, faster than both plant-based and conventional meats, reaching c US$600bn in size by 2040, according to Kearney. Investors have taken notice of this significant potential and the industry raised US$366m in investments in 2020 and US$1,570m since then. The number of entrants has grown rapidly from small pureplay companies such as MeaTech 3D, distributors and servers such as Burger King and large multinationals such as Nestlé.

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